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Niacom Internet Speeds

Fastest speeds and symmetrical download and upload means we can handle everything you do. You will quickly forget what "loading" feels like.

Entry level service for email and basic connectivity
Extra headroom to stream video and run a Zoom meeting
Extra power for the avid gamer, larger family home, or serious work-from-home requirements

About Niacom

Niacom is a local Fiber-Optic Internet Service Provider (ISP) that specializes in residential and multi-dwelling internet service delivery. Niacom utilizes XGS-PON Technology to deliver the fastest, most stable and symmetrical connections available in the market currently. Niacom refuses to cut corners. Niacom is committed to high-quality service delivery from end-to-end consisting of local technical support, state-of-the-art equipment, and community outreach.

What is fiber?

What is fiber?

It is important to have a brief understanding of exactly what "fiber" means. Fiber traditionally refers to fiber-optic (optical fiber) cabling and is a network and telecommunications deployment method for passing data and information. Fiber is another option for passing data among other methods such as Ethernet cabling, Wi-Fi, coaxial cabling, copper-pair, radiofrequency, laser, etc. Fiber is a cable made up of long, thin strands of very pure glass, about the diameter of a human hair, that is merged into bundles called optical cables and used to transmit light signals over long distances.

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A best in class Internet provider, delivering more speed and more services.

Your TV Together
The Best of Live TV and OnDemand: Stream local and national channels you love and thousands of On Demand titles.
Fastest Internet In the Area
Fastest speeds and symmetrical download and upload means we can handle everything you do.
Device Requirements
All internet services come standard with both a Fiber Modem and a Wireless Router as part of the customer premise equipment (CPE). However, customers are welcome to use their own router or managed service for wireless. Niacom also provides upgraded routers, managed wireless, and technical consultation services for those who need it.
No Bait & Switch Promotions
Niacom doesn’t believe in promotions for new customers. We feel that all customers, both new and long-term, should always get our best rates. Niacom also makes an explicit promise to our customers that rates will more or less stay the same throughout our partnership together. Rates may be increased from time–to-time as a cost of doing business, but you can be assured that Niacom will always deliver our state-of-the-art service for the lowest rate we possibly can. That is the Niacom Promise.
Service Availability
It’s possible Niacom may not be available in your neighborhood ☹. Bigger isn’t always better, however, and we are doing our very best to get our services to where you need them to be. If we have built our network in your neighborhood, you’ve likely seen us digging on your lawn or received a postcard in the mail. If that’s not the case, we probably haven’t made it to your house yet. Rest assured though, we’re always looking for more neighborhoods to expand our services to! - Click here and let us know where you live and why you want service!
Local Support
When Niacom says we have local support, we mean LOCAL Support. The kind of support that’s no more than a 20 minute drive. Notwithstanding the fact that Niacom is headquartered in Buffalo, we really do have a passion for localized support. From community and culture, to favorite food and sports teams, to accents and demographics, it’s always easier to understand and relate to someone that lives in your neck of the woods. That’s why Niacom feels so strongly that local support is the key to success and a great service. You can be sure that wherever your Niacom service is located, your technical support agents will never be far away…
Community Involvement and Outreach
We at Niacom know that we are only as strong as our local towns and communities. Without their involvement, it would be more difficult to provide you with a great service. That’s why we are always looking for new partnerships and new ways of doing business. That usually starts right here in the local towns and municipalities we serve. Whether that means assisting local government or partnering with your neighborhood home owner’s association (HOA), we’re here for you and your neighborhood, regardless of what service provider you choose to use. To find more about how your HOA or municipality can connect with Niacom, click here.
*Contract terms and signup fees may apply.